Holiday holiday entitlement for part time-workers can be confusing when you have lots of staff all working different hours. However, it’s important you put everything in place to ensure you get it right as making an error can be off-putting for a new employee.


Holidays are essential for employees to re-charge and avoid burn out. A well rested employee is a more engaged employee. In addition, it’s your responsibility to calculate holiday entitlement correctly and ensure your team take them.


To help you achieve this, we’ve completed an easy guide below.


How to Calculate Holiday entitlement for Part-time workers

Part-time workers are entitled to 5.6 week’s paid holiday (statutory), but this should be worked out in proportion to the hours they work. If they work 3 days, that’s 16.8 days (3 x 5.6), or 4 days is 22.4 days (4 x 5.6).


If your employees work irregular hours, you need to make the calculation in hours instead of days. In addition, this is worked out as 12.07% of hours worked. This is worked out by dividing 46.4 weeks by 5.6 weeks (52 weeks – 5.6 weeks) x100.


HR Software

Getting it wrong can make you look unprofessional, so we always recommend using good software. This allows you to enter individual hours and it works it all out for you. Better still, many programs let staff make requests for time off and keep track of remaining hours to take. There are lots of different ones available and many offer free trials.

We are gold partners of Breathe HR and we highly recommend trying it out for your company. Breathe offers a holiday management system to avoid stress, and to give employees the ability to track their holiday entitlement and request time off. The holiday calendar also allows you to track when your team are off. Contact us now if you would like a free trial.


Need any further support?

Do you need any further advice on how to calculate holiday entitlement for part time-workers? Feel free to contact us on 01383 668 178 and we will happily answer any questions you have.

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